Monday, August 16, 2010

Still looking for work

Well I cased the Maylands boat yard and left a notice for work. Someone has started on the big polyester yacht and I gave my name and number to them. It is an itchy old job for someone. Not too much else happening there, so I also dropped in to Mike Gregory's project - a Schionning, over near Fremantle in a yard under those big shade tent frame set ups. He is away, but apparently hired a worker to work for him, so I will go back and try to meet this new guy.
Also trying to get the Drafting Diploma from TAFE (Technical and Further Education). Think mostly deserve that now.
If I got even 20-30 hours a week I guess it would prompt thoughts on SIDECAR number 2.
The project shouldn't become all consuming for a couple of reasons:
!one is that boat building work is actually an unhealthy full-time occupation.
Then extra finishing skills though can be quite challenging if you do wiring or mechanical installation yourself, so it requires learning about other disciplines.

Reaading "Monsoon" by Wilbur Smith and it is quite a good seafaring tale. Set in the 1600's and sailing to Africa and Mozambique. A bit over the top in drama, but good colour and action.

I am considering self promoting skill in boat making to get something like a harry build deal. I kind of start making ONE as for myself, but actually hope to see a profit from IT'S sale.

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