Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finally got out from Albany

Well it sat in the Albany harbour on the anchor quite happily for about 6 months untill I saw what looked to be Ok conditions, and then I did a dash along the south coast making for the safety of another inlet at Walpole.
It turned into a half decent seabreeze day at the end, and bare mast surfing easily was quite good fun.
It was interesting that each time I took dow some sail it was not really any slower on the GPS.
I had a top speed of 11.9 knots, but turned the GPS off to save battery power and may have gone above that a few of the good long surf rides.
I am anxious about tackling the nextlong stretch which could be open to the s/se seabreezze again with 20/30 often forecast along that bit.
I definitely do not neede to be in the full strength at the end of a long day and need to get in through the next sand bar crossing.
I will try to check out where i could anchor near Augusta ouside of the inlet. There were some reefs that may be enough shelter for the afternoon and night untill the wind eases off.
In my favour would be a straight run from Windy harbour to augusta without any tacking or beating. So if the wind was in moderately at about 4am at dawn then i could get a good length covered early on so as to not have to stay out there and get in too late in the afternoon.
I will keep an eye on the forecasts and then take the time out of my casual delivery job to try for it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Still looking for work

Well I cased the Maylands boat yard and left a notice for work. Someone has started on the big polyester yacht and I gave my name and number to them. It is an itchy old job for someone. Not too much else happening there, so I also dropped in to Mike Gregory's project - a Schionning, over near Fremantle in a yard under those big shade tent frame set ups. He is away, but apparently hired a worker to work for him, so I will go back and try to meet this new guy.
Also trying to get the Drafting Diploma from TAFE (Technical and Further Education). Think mostly deserve that now.
If I got even 20-30 hours a week I guess it would prompt thoughts on SIDECAR number 2.
The project shouldn't become all consuming for a couple of reasons:
!one is that boat building work is actually an unhealthy full-time occupation.
Then extra finishing skills though can be quite challenging if you do wiring or mechanical installation yourself, so it requires learning about other disciplines.

Reaading "Monsoon" by Wilbur Smith and it is quite a good seafaring tale. Set in the 1600's and sailing to Africa and Mozambique. A bit over the top in drama, but good colour and action.

I am considering self promoting skill in boat making to get something like a harry build deal. I kind of start making ONE as for myself, but actually hope to see a profit from IT'S sale.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Getting a Job

I am branching out into other non-sailing reports now. It is related to boats in a way. The house where I just moved was where I made my first two dinghys. Both 8' prams. One a Boden "Cockle" and the other a Hartley pram. Neither were very well finished, but I had minimal tools and little info on boatbuilding. I used the old hartley boatbuilding book and had little info on using epoxy. I had not found the Australian Amatuer Boatbuilders magazine. The plan was mainly a wooden boat of frame and ply using the epoxy as a gule between the gussets and frames and ply sheet sides and bottom.
I then also did some of the Hartley16' boat there. It is a rental house and there are now eight guys of various nationalities and age somehow crammed in with one kitchen bathroon and toilet.
Well as much as I enjoy the company it will be good to score something with some decent shed set up in a less busy area. This house is near the University where students live. Around the next ' two streets up the road is where i did the 28trimaran - he still owes me $600 for buying that at the bargain basement price of A$6500.
At least i saw that one still in use and well kept up.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Going to Esperance

Having a go this week...

Actually that was rather optimistic of me.
I'm not geared up - emotionally, financially ...whatever.
When the time is right, I'll just run down and hit it quick.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Giving up for now.

Too tough to get the winds to go back - easterlies.
Rob reckons crewing east would be better after winter.
I will wait and see.
I see a big division between solo and crew:
solo to me means daylight short sprints between stops.
Overnighting is just too long and tiring.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting good window

Good chance this week to get back to Augusta - under the lee of Leeuwin.
Two or three days of Easterlies for a change and hopefully lower swells too.
The weather was pretty cold lately - MAX 14 and I am a little under rugged in the cabin. Things are hard to keep clean, and the diet slightly sucks too.
I have some balls coming down around here in June, but really it had gone super smoothly weather wise. I can easily see making a full crossing over to South Aust. with a crew mate one day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cruising around Albany

There are two good sized inlets that open into the King George Sound.
Big ships (bulk cargo carriers) come in to one to load wheat. This comes from the country to the north I think where the rainfall is a bit less and it is easier to grow wheat than grazing pasture. As with Walpole inlet the scenery is full of trees and hills.
I have tied up the netting properly, fixed the length of reefing line, bought some chain for the second anchor and odd jobs like these.
The weather looks mostly from the west and so I am putting off going anywhere for the moment.
A country bus service runs daily back up to Perth, and only takes about 6 hours. I took about 2 weeks to sail around.
I may come back later next week with the outboard and maybe score some epoxy and tools to finish small jobs.