Thursday, August 5, 2010

Getting a Job

I am branching out into other non-sailing reports now. It is related to boats in a way. The house where I just moved was where I made my first two dinghys. Both 8' prams. One a Boden "Cockle" and the other a Hartley pram. Neither were very well finished, but I had minimal tools and little info on boatbuilding. I used the old hartley boatbuilding book and had little info on using epoxy. I had not found the Australian Amatuer Boatbuilders magazine. The plan was mainly a wooden boat of frame and ply using the epoxy as a gule between the gussets and frames and ply sheet sides and bottom.
I then also did some of the Hartley16' boat there. It is a rental house and there are now eight guys of various nationalities and age somehow crammed in with one kitchen bathroon and toilet.
Well as much as I enjoy the company it will be good to score something with some decent shed set up in a less busy area. This house is near the University where students live. Around the next ' two streets up the road is where i did the 28trimaran - he still owes me $600 for buying that at the bargain basement price of A$6500.
At least i saw that one still in use and well kept up.

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