Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finally got out from Albany

Well it sat in the Albany harbour on the anchor quite happily for about 6 months untill I saw what looked to be Ok conditions, and then I did a dash along the south coast making for the safety of another inlet at Walpole.
It turned into a half decent seabreeze day at the end, and bare mast surfing easily was quite good fun.
It was interesting that each time I took dow some sail it was not really any slower on the GPS.
I had a top speed of 11.9 knots, but turned the GPS off to save battery power and may have gone above that a few of the good long surf rides.
I am anxious about tackling the nextlong stretch which could be open to the s/se seabreezze again with 20/30 often forecast along that bit.
I definitely do not neede to be in the full strength at the end of a long day and need to get in through the next sand bar crossing.
I will try to check out where i could anchor near Augusta ouside of the inlet. There were some reefs that may be enough shelter for the afternoon and night untill the wind eases off.
In my favour would be a straight run from Windy harbour to augusta without any tacking or beating. So if the wind was in moderately at about 4am at dawn then i could get a good length covered early on so as to not have to stay out there and get in too late in the afternoon.
I will keep an eye on the forecasts and then take the time out of my casual delivery job to try for it.