Thursday, June 10, 2010

small town boat yard

Well i have gottn somewhere on the fixing job. Borrowed a grinder from Roy who was building his boat at Maylands a whi8le ago and is moored here at Albany at present. Cleaned things up and tacked on the base cap, the mast head, and the wing swivel arm which includes the downhaul tackle. Bought some double bias and when the sun dries the overnight condensation tommorrow it wll be ready to staart epoxying things up.
The sunny days should be enough to cure it by the end of the weekend.
Then it's hunt for the anchor. Weather depending ofcourse. See some sights, sail in the Albany harbours, and look ahead - not sailing any further east frojm here.
Friday morning:
Could be aa few hours as there is condensation or dew all over things this morning.
Might start glassing by 10 o'clock. Take some photos maybe to show what is getting done.

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