Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cruising around Albany

There are two good sized inlets that open into the King George Sound.
Big ships (bulk cargo carriers) come in to one to load wheat. This comes from the country to the north I think where the rainfall is a bit less and it is easier to grow wheat than grazing pasture. As with Walpole inlet the scenery is full of trees and hills.
I have tied up the netting properly, fixed the length of reefing line, bought some chain for the second anchor and odd jobs like these.
The weather looks mostly from the west and so I am putting off going anywhere for the moment.
A country bus service runs daily back up to Perth, and only takes about 6 hours. I took about 2 weeks to sail around.
I may come back later next week with the outboard and maybe score some epoxy and tools to finish small jobs.

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