Sunday, May 16, 2010

GooD Times

Well, Rockingham was OK. Mostly spent by Point Peron and then a day at Penguin Island.
Some good fun surfing (boog'in) on Pengo.
Sailed down to Mandurah in some cool NE'lies. Coming into the inlet was tricky: with a few knots of current but a dissapeared wind it got awkward. Some front rudder to help steer did the trick then it was far enough in to jump overboard and push .

Had call from Water Police back at the house message bank: dated back on Thursday the 13th of May. I think I was at Point Peron back then. Or maybe even in Mandurah inlet. Who knows what it was about? Has happened before when anchoring somewhere interesting, landlubbers get all excited and report suspiscious activities to the police!.

Not as strange as some things going on. How about the rudderless catamaran sailing of Peter Mirrow's video link on Proa file today. That is definitely wierd stuff. Would certainly reduce the effect of undercurrrent in a tide race.

The high high's this week interesting - more water over the low bits. Better reef breaks at Pengo. More tide flow in and out of places. It is not that far from June 22nd (solstice). Finally few chillier days down here. Still not a lot of rain yet.


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